Überpferd (sitlar) wrote in netbsd,

NFS tuning

I'm using NetBSD on an old notebook as a multipurpose server. I've installed nfsd on my NAS to let NetBSD access file archives. Samba doesn't work since NetBSD freezes than doing a memcpy to a mmap'ed file on smbfs. Unfortunately I got a very bad performance of NetBSD's nfs client.

To test the speed I use

$ dd if=/mnt/NAS/testfile of=/dev/null bs=16k

testfile is 256M zeros.

The best result on NetBSD is only 1.3Mb/s , however my desktop (2.6 linux) is doing 2.3Mb/s with same rsize=1024 on both systems. If I increase the value I get much better results on linux - up to 5.4Mb/s, but a performance loss on NetBSD - only about 500kb/s.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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