Amoe (amoe) wrote in netbsd,

Compile a program for me - please!

Good evening all.

I have an old machine that runs NetBSD. I want to use it to run PLT Scheme programs. Trouble is, it has so little memory that compilation of PLT ('gmake install') takes days and days. In fact, not only does it take days and days, it eventually dies as if the process has hit a hard internal limit. The version in ports is too old for my purpose, and there's no binary packages available for NetBSD from the home page.

I've tried several things to get round this: virtualized NetBSD on my Linux box (didn't work); building a cross compiler (didn't work). At the end of my tether, I'm begging: could some kind person running i386 NetBSD 4.x build PLT for me and send me the binaries?

I'll even give you the command line to make it extra easy (it relies on you having a clean /usr/local, sorry, but I don't care if I get some other binaries:)

tar -xzf plt-4.1.4-src-unix.tgz
cd plt-4.1.4/src
./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-mred --enable-shared
gmake install
tar -czf ~/plt_package.tar.gz /usr/local

I know the /usr/local pollution might be unacceptable, in which case you're welcome to configure with a different prefix, though I hope to eventually use /usr/local. You could then email me plt_package.tar.gz. I'm sorry to make this request, but I have reached the end of my powers now...

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