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letthemhate wrote in netbsd
here is a goodie for those of you out there who are used to the 'killall' command but are too lazy to 'cd /usr/pkgsrc/sysutils/psmisc && make update', or just can't get the psmisc package installed for some reason; http://sabu.net/data/code/killall.py. I wrote it in python, should work on most or all python distributions <2.3.*.

just wget it, chmod +x it, place it /usr/local/bin for good measures and use away.. its pretty fast and interprets the output of 'ps -jac'.. I am looking into the proper syscalls to get me process information directly from kernel instead through 'ps'.. so I'll just update with any speed improvements.

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I think skill under sysutils does the same

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