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I'm sure all of you already heard about this, but I'll post it anyway.

NetBSD sets Internet2 Land Speed World Record
Researchers at the Swedish University Network (SUNET) have broken the Internet2 Land Speed Record using two Dell 2650 machines with single 2GHz CPUs running NetBSD 2.0 BETA. SUNET transferred around 840 Gigabytes of data in less than 30 minutes, using a single IPv4 TCP stream, between a host at the Luleå University of Technology and a host connected to a Sprint PoP in San Jose, CA, USA. The achieved speed was 69.073 Petabit-meters/second. According to the research team, NetBSD was chosen "due to the scalability of the TCP code".

More information about this record including the NetBSD configuration can be found at: http://proj.sunet.se/LSR2/

The website of the Internet2 Land Speed Record (I2-LSR) competition is located at: http://lsr.internet2.edu/
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