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Why do you all use NETBSD?
tim10101 wrote in netbsd
I notice in places like slashdot.org and many geek/nerd oriented communities on the web that NETBSD is growing like crazy and on fire.

I am a non user and I am curious if anyone of you use NetBSD because your using an unsupported device that Linux would not run on or you use NETBSD for some other reason?

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I use it because its solid. I've had a system up for 430 days. Others have had them up longer. Why my system did go down after that 430 days it was because of a power outage, not the fault of the system.

There also isn't the name in lights syndrome. New code has to pass technical review before its submitted. Thus people are not racing to beat each other in attempting to "finish" drivers just to be the one who can claim that they wrote it.

I use NetBSD as my primary development area -- not only is it perfect for my development projects, but also for pretty much everything else. For example, my NetBSD box runs my LAN's time server, runs my async python based mp3 streamer.. with video streaming capabilities, it holds my more secure and private documents (gpg'd) with everything else that I actually consider important. It is very stable, very fast, very secure, very reliable. As the guy above me stated, NetBSD is very reliable and I <3 it for that.

Current uptime:

(root@netriot)-(Thu Jun 17/2004)-(01:02 AM:EDT)
(/usr/root/.jtr)$ w
1:02AM up 83 days, 5:15, 3 users, load averages: 1.06, 1.07, 1.08
root co - 03Jun04 0 john -i:alpha cul-blowfish
root E1 - 04Jun04 4:10 -bash
root p0 culprit Wed04AM 0 w

err, he didn't state but refered.

Stability is why I switched to FreeBSD.

I would use NetBSD if it supported opengl and java as well as the well known FreeBSD handbook.

However I am very disappointed in the 5.x FreeBSD releases and recent releases of Linux.

I noticed libc is causing problems with Linux. Its so bloated that anything linked too it gets super slow. Run Linux on a 386? Ya right. NetBSD would probably be more appropriate.

That and posix inet is much slimmer.

I like using NetBSD for OS and architecture research, it's clean and small. Also netboots my sparc IPC (25mhz, 8mb ram). Not to mention it's great for things like DNS, DHCP, and ipfilter which i use it for also.

Security, stability, and sexy.

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