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Just joined the community today. I've got NetBSD running on main networking computer (which I hope to turn into a web server as well soon). I would have stuck with FreeBSD except that it wouldn't detect the geometry on the first hard drive accurately and as such would always lock up during the installation. That and I wanted to try the most portable OS on the planet, as well as what I've heard is the most challenging BSD to master.

In addition to my own computers, I've installed NetBSD on one of the PCs at my college alma mater's student-run radio station (I'm their computer guy even though I just graduated) for the DJs to use to get info to talk about something besides the weather or their shoes and I also plan to put it on a Power Macintosh G3 that they also have if I ever figure out how to get Open Firmware to boot either the boot floppies or the CD.

So, consider this my official "hello." :)
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