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emre wrote in netbsd
<td align="center">
The new official NetBSD logo[High resolution version]</td>

The NetBSD Foundation has selected an official logo for identifying NetBSD. Over 400 logos were submitted by 238 artists for a NetBSD logo contest started early this year. The winning logo was submitted by Grant Bissett, a new media designer from Perth, Western Australia.

Members of the NetBSD Foundation voted for the new logo from a short-list of six submitted designs selected by the logo committee. Characteristics important for the new logo were simplicity, appealing form and color choice, and identification with the project. More details can be found in the official press-release.

Goodbye silly looking Iwo Jima logo, we will miss you (especially the daemons).

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'silly looking', lies! it was pretty neat. this new logo blows. down with democracy!

The old logo was pretty cartoonish though. People need to take NetBSD seriously, and for that we need a serious looking logo. Although I'm not a big fan of this one, it's a great improvement over the Iwo Jima logo. At least it's easier to reproduce.

I just hope people don't start associating NetBSD with flag poles.

I wouldn't mind a flag pole running NetBSD :D

I agree with you that the old design was cartoonish, but the new one is just.. eh, not very good. I am surprized they went with it.

I'm with letthemhate here. As I said in my own journal, I think the new logo is uninspired. I think it's too generic. I can see why they wanted something more professional-looking, but that doesn't mean it has to be indistinctive. Just look at the logos for Nike, Apple, McDonald's, etc. They all look professional, yet each one stands out and tells you what the company's about by the logo alone, and many people can identify the companies by their logo, minus the company name. This does not fall under that category.

I'm also sad to see the project disasociate itself from the daemon mascot. Some argue that it offends people and that's part of what's holding NetBSD back, yet I don't buy it for one reason: FreeBSD's been using it since its inception and it's the most popular of the BSDs. However, I can see how not using the daemon image would be desireable to differentiate NetBSD from FreeBSD.

In short I think they could have done better.

Bah, bring back the old logo.

It was so much betterrrrrrrrrr

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