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NetBSD 2.0 DONE!
sinistertim101 wrote in netbsd
Hurray and get it before its slashdotted!

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Well, now it's officially done and is being Slashdotted as I speak.

I've already downloaded and burned the NetBSD 2.0 Live! CD, now I need a computer I can try it out on. Of course, I also plan on upgrading my current NetBSD machine. Hell, I think I'll actually support the project by buying and official CD since this is a major release.

when did they start producing an official cd set? I thought all they had was the foundation.

(Deleted comment)
THen what the hell did I download?

I was just under the impression that the packages were still not done.

They don't actually produce one, per se, but they do list CD-ROM vendors in case you want to order one as opposed to burning it yourself.

It's too bad to some extent that they don't offer an "official" CD set, as I'm sure some people would go for that.

I'm currently rethinking what I'm going to do.

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