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FreeBSD is going to hell

Has anyone else noticed corruption at the VM level?

Not only is my system less repsonsive under 5.3 than 4.x but I have had to recompile two ports again twice. Both have complained of a mutex returning intro correct results cancelling the make job. When I retype in make install clean it works fine. Something is fish and there would be no way I would put this thing on a server.

Many FreeBSD faithfull have been switching to NetBSD or DragonFLY. Its obvious if you read slashdot that only certain folks at the FreeBSD camp even can read teh code in the new kernel. I really do think the kernel design was a poor choice for version 5.x and Matt Dillion who was kicked out of the kernel developers was correct. The new Mutex locking which Matt highly critizied is what caused the problems for me on my system so far.

All the new feuatures only slow it down which proves my point. Especially disk i/o with GEOM.

I want to try NetBSD but no 3d acceleration exists and I plan to write a simple 3d engine for a personal project I am working on. I am thinking of switching to either Debian or Windows2k. Debian is so old but I do not trust any other distro to be as stable as FreeBSD. Or once was as stable as FreeBSD.
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