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FreeBSD is going to hell
sinistertim101 wrote in netbsd
Has anyone else noticed corruption at the VM level?

Not only is my system less repsonsive under 5.3 than 4.x but I have had to recompile two ports again twice. Both have complained of a mutex returning intro correct results cancelling the make job. When I retype in make install clean it works fine. Something is fish and there would be no way I would put this thing on a server.

Many FreeBSD faithfull have been switching to NetBSD or DragonFLY. Its obvious if you read slashdot that only certain folks at the FreeBSD camp even can read teh code in the new kernel. I really do think the kernel design was a poor choice for version 5.x and Matt Dillion who was kicked out of the kernel developers was correct. The new Mutex locking which Matt highly critizied is what caused the problems for me on my system so far.

All the new feuatures only slow it down which proves my point. Especially disk i/o with GEOM.

I want to try NetBSD but no 3d acceleration exists and I plan to write a simple 3d engine for a personal project I am working on. I am thinking of switching to either Debian or Windows2k. Debian is so old but I do not trust any other distro to be as stable as FreeBSD. Or once was as stable as FreeBSD.

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No VM Corruption here....

But lots of other annoying problems with it.<GIANT LOCKED>

The PF support needs a lot of help. I thought one of the benefits of PF was that it was _userspace_. Yet, on a testing box at work, I was getting hard lockups when I'd load the module. No such problems with OpenBSD (other than it being annoyingly old and slow).

I get the impression that DragonFly isn't really ready to have a lot of people running important machines on it yet. It does look interesting, however.

NetBSD 2.0 seems very stable from what I've seen. I've got one box in pre-production already (backup MX, just running qmail, basically), and it's been great for the past couple of weeks. Not a problem at all, and a wonderful rejuvenation of some rather dated hardware. The machine just drags running Solaris.

I have another box that's misbehaving at the moment, but I'm thinking it's a hardware problem. It's a fresh install, so I'm going to beat it up with loonix for a bit to see if I get problems there, too.

As for the 3D stuff, my home machine I'm running Gentoo Linux on it. With *very* conservative CFLAGS (-O -pipe), it's quite stable, despite the nVidia binary modules. I installed Gentoo, because I have a very new NIC that doesn't have mainline kernel support yet, so I had to build a kernel anyway....

Re: No VM Corruption here....

I've been running NetBSD 2.0 RC4 at work for a few weeks now, mainly for Java development. Everything works like a charm. Haven't had it lock up or crash yet. The machine also does a few services, like samba, web etc. the ususal stuff.

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Re: No VM Corruption here....

I want to do 3d programing for a mariokart clone.

No hardware 3d really sucks not to mention I use the goom plugin for xmms and xine when listening to music.

But I blame the card makers for this and not NetBSD. Also the wireless situation is pissing me off and turning off many users to unix.

Wifi may be the future and its turning Windows only.

Re: No VM Corruption here....

Why are so many vendors locking people into using Windows? I can see that for home users, but if they want wifi to catch on in a corporate environment, where Unix is more prevalent, then this is simply a bad move.

Not that I'll be using wifi myself anytime soon, but it irks me that they would do this, especially considering Unix's strong networking capabilities.

Re: No VM Corruption here....

Well they want only one to support one platform and want to protect their IP.

Which os runs on all the desktops? Thats the only one they will support.

But ethernet card makers and cpu makers do not limit details about them yet now its the in thing to do so to speak when designing a product.

MS of course loves this. Its rumored they are working on a USB plug and play replacement that is all proprietary and Windows-only under the vise of security of course. They are doing this to harm non Windows operating systems if it takes off since mice and keyboards will no longer be supported on aaything but Windows.

Re: No VM Corruption here....

Excuse my temporary transformation into a typical Linux zealot for a moment...

Microsoft will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes for pulling this crap.

End transformation.

I thought the majority of 3D support came from DRM/DRI

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