Profile of an American Legend (sinistertim101) wrote in netbsd,
Profile of an American Legend

Solarisx86 as a hobbiest OS?

Does anyone use SolarisX86 on a regular pc that is a non server?

I am a former BSD user and I do not like Linux in its current state. Dont mean to flame the linux fanatics out there but its alot of work compared to my FreeBSD experience to install and maintain a system with ease with a degree in stability in its packages.

I need Java and 3d support so NetBSd and OpenBSD is not an option. FreeBSD is too unstable and no longer works wiht my hardware well like 4.x did.

I need Java5 for school and the only non Microsoft OS I can think of is solaris. I intend to use or is it ... to update solaris10 with modern packages. I am aware there is opensolaris but it seems like alot of work from the beta builds of solaris11 with tons of patches so I am skeptical.

I would like to use something more modern than gnome 2.8 as that is what blastwave includes. Any suggestions on how to upgrade?

Also for those who have used solaris on the desktop is it really worth it? What are the differences over Linux?

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